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A root canal is a procedure that treats an infection at the root of a tooth. Symptoms often experienced with infections are sensitive to either hot and cold temperatures, continuous aching or throbbing pain, and tenderness to biting pressure. Most reasons for root canal treatment are due to deep decay, gum disease, or some kind of trauma involving the jaw or face.

Root canal treatment has many steps to its completion. First, we anesthetize the area, so that the patient is no longer having pain. Then a small opening is made into the center of the tooth where the decay is cleaned out and the canals are negotiated. Once the canals are found, they are cleaned out and enlarged using instrumentation. To seal the tooth, the canals are filled with a synthetic rubber like material and closed with a composite filling where the opening to the canals had been made. In some cases, a titanium post is placed into the canals in order to support the tooth and provide a stronger retention for the final restoration.

Following root canal treatment, the tooth becomes fragile and brittle; this is because there is no longer any blood supply entering the tooth because the canals are now sealed. In most cases, after root canal treatment, we will recommend a crown be placed over the tooth in order to protect it from fracturing.

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